What is Laser hair removal?

Laser facial and body hair removal is the most scientifically correct, medical method of hair removal, for a permanent end result. Laser hair removal covers most skin types, including even the darkest skin. It is performed on all the hairy parts of the body (armpit, bikini, legs, face, etc.), provided that the hairs are not white.

  • Does the Laser have a remedial character?

Laser hair removal is done for aesthetic and medical reasons. When considering the medical history of the candidate, we should be aware of any hormonal disorders (e.g. polycystic ovaries), heredity of hirsutism, skin inflammation, etc. In non-hormone-dependent areas 6-8 sessions are needed for a reduction of more than 90%, while in hormone-dependent areas (e.g. face) more may be needed. It would be good if those disorders were kept in check, so that we have the desired result sooner. Laser is also applied in other pathological conditions such as the elimination of hair growth in the coccyx cyst as well as in recurrent folliculitis.


  • Why choose Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

With the development of technology, hair removal methods have been perfected, reaching the latest generation of Laser Alexandrite Arion II machines. They are the most painless and effective medical  devises that offer permanent reduction of hair growth, after about 6 sessions, safely causing hair sublimation. These Lasers emit a beam of high intensity light, at 755nm, with a power of 70w that is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicle causing selective photothermolysis, without damaging the neighboring tissues.


  • What are the benefits of Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

The state-of-the-art and fully upgraded Laser Alexandrite Arion II devise puts an end to unwanted hair growth. The flexibility in adjusting the intensities, the diameter of the spot and the pulse duration, make the Arion II the most configurable Alexandrite. That is, depending on the specificity of the hair growth of each area of ​​the body, the devise is adjusted according to the maximum results with great speed.

The most specialized feature, though, of the Arion II is the “Burst Mode” system. Specifically, the main pulse is divided into several smaller pulses, so that the skin cools at intervals. In addition, a state-of-the-art atmospheric air-cooling mechanism is connected with the main device making this Alexandrite one of the safest and painless machines.

In summary, the advantages it offers over other laser hair removal methods are:


  • Flexibility – Strength
  • Efficiency
  • Optimal wavelength through crystal
  • Safe due to “Burst Mode” system
  • Painless due to refrigeration high – tech mechanism


  • At what age can one start hair removal with Alexandrite Laser?

Hair removal can be done, regardless of gender, from adolescence under certain conditions. It is not just a woman’s affair. Men with intense hair growth in the back area and especially the neck, face an intense problem of folliculitis and body odor. Laser Alexandrite is the most reliable solution, to significantly reduce hair growth but not necessarily make it disappear.

  • Is the hair removal painful?

Thanks to the new technology of Laser Alexandrite, the hair removal process is completely painless.


  • What complications may occur?

Laser hair removal does not create substantial complications but some side effects such as irritation or edema (swelling) in the hair follicle, perhaps mild itching that gradually subsides after 1-2 days. If necessary, a moisturizer can be used to alleviate the discomfort. Hypochromia or hyperpigmentation, more rarely, can occur after sun exposure.


  • How long does the procedure last and what kind of anesthesia is applied?

The procedure lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour and is performed using a special refrigeration mechanism that cools the area concerned and creates local anesthesia. The use of gels, sprays, and anesthetic creams is not necessary.


  • What happens during Alexandrite Laser hair removal?

Hair is a part of the skin made of keratin and is produced by the hair follicle. They consist of the visible part, the stem, and the invisible part, the root, which is located inside a hair follicle. Their life cycle is divided into 3 periods: anagenic phase, catagenic phase (2-4 weeks) and telogenic phase (2-4 months). The Laser causes thermal damage to the hair in the early stages of regeneration by targeting the follicle, which in this phase is full of melanin. In other words, the hair is the means by which the energy of the Laser Alexandrite is transferred to the target organ, which is the hair follicle, in order to weaken it.


  • When is it recommended to repeat the Alexandrite Laser treatment?

Because only a percentage of 15-20% is in the first stage, the anagenic phase, the remaining hairs reappear after a certain period. For this reason, more than one session with intervals of 30-45 days is needed for a universal result. A total of 6-8 sessions are needed.


  • Results

Alexandrite Laser hair removal offers impressive results in all points of interest causing the hair to weaken from the root. The results are already visible after the very first session and are perfected in a short time depending on the quality and quantity of hair. Hair growth is significantly reduced, and the skin looks smooth and soft. The follicles are removed, and the results are permanent.

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