What is a thread lift?

            Thread lifts are a safe and innovative method of Cosmetic Surgery for the restoration and renewal of the skin. They essentially take care of the tightening and straightening of the skin that has fallen and relaxed in the specific anatomical elements of the face and neck. This is an alternative for all those who do not want to proceed with the invasive process of slowing down aging and want an equally satisfactory result that will activate the production of collagen and elastin.

Thread lifts can be applied to any area that shows some loss of muscle fiber cohesion. Some of them are:


  • the wider area of ​​the face
  • the neck
  • the neckline
  • the arms
  • the inner thighs
  • the belly
    • What types of threads are there?

    There are four different types of threads that each perform their own special role in tightening and restoration and all aim to rebuild the face, neck and body. These are:


    • PDO


    • COG




    • PLLA

    After a thorough discussion with the Plastic Surgeon, the appropriate thread type will be selected depending on the needs and skin type of the candidate.


    • How are thread lifts different from facelifts?

    Thread lifts do not replace or supplement the facelift. Both are aimed at smoothing wrinkles, tightening the skin and fading the marks caused by time and intense expressiveness, but they also show some differences.

    Thread lift


    • Non-invasive method
    • Preference by younger people
    • Imperceptible pain




    • Invasive method
    • Preference by middle-aged people
    • Postoperative mild pain
    • Remedial character


    • Who are they for?

    Both men and women who have reached the age of 30 and have experienced the first wrinkles of aging or expression, can undergo a thread lift. According to studies, young people choose the bloodless solution of thread lifts in order not to make radical changes that they may later regret, thus maintaining the freshness of youth and boosting their overall appearance.


    • Which people cannot go forth with the treatment?

    A prerequisite for following the thread therapy is for the candidate to enjoy good health and to have no other serious medical reasons that could hinder existent, such as chronic diseases related to blood clotting, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and pregnancy.


    • Is the treatment painful?

    The process of thread therapy is bloodless with some, perhaps, discomfort when the needle enters and leaves. Note that the pain is not severe, and analgesics are provided in very special cases.

  • What complications may occur?

Thread lifts do not cause substantial complications worthy of inducing fear and anxiety to the candidate. Edemas, ecchymoses and redness may appear in the areas where the threads were inserted, which after 2-3 days will gradually subside along with the possible headache.


  • Is there a risk of deformity?

It is impossible for a deformity to develop when the Plastic Surgeon has the appropriate experience and knowledge. After all, this method with the threads is so safe and effective that not only does not deform the treated points but it highlights them by restoring their lost glow.


  • How long does the procedure last and what kind of anesthesia is applied?

The procedure ranges from 30 to 40 minutes and is performed with the topical application of anesthetic cream or injectable local anesthesia for temporary numbness of the treated area.


  • How is thread lifting done?

If PDOs are used, then the placement is done in a grid pattern using very thin needles. With the introduction of the threads, the activation of the fibroblasts that are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin is achieved. The threads used are absorbed by the body within 6 months. If lifting sutures – COG are used, they are integrated with a flexible cannula in the subcutaneous layer of the skin of the desired area. Usually 2 to 3 threads per side are utilized.


  • In how many days can one return to their daily activities?

The candidate can continue his daily activities undisturbed by following the basic rules of hygiene, avoiding strenuous activity and bending over.


  • When should the thread lift be repeated?

After 1.5 years, the treatment can be repeated or supplemented with another such as treatment with botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, autologous mesotherapy with growth factors, peeling, etc. After discussion with the Plastic Surgeon and reassessment of the condition, the appropriate treatment will be selected.


  • Results

The aesthetic result of thread lifting is perfected in 2 months and lasts longer than any other non-invasive method of Aesthetic Plastic, about 1.5 years from the first application, giving a renewed look to the points of interest without wrinkles, marks and sagging. The production of collagen and elastin continues to work and to support the underlying tissues, bringing spectacular results to the skin. The candidate regains their lost self-confidence due to their appearance without undergoing surgery.

Get proper and responsible information from the Plastic Surgeon Akis G. Karamatsoukis.

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