Breast augmentation

A breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery performed to increase the volume of a woman’s breast. It is essentially the insertion of implants inside the breasts that help increase their size and improve their shape. That is why it is often combined with a breast lift.

The reasons why a woman undergoes breast augmentation vary:


  • volume loss due to pregnancy or severe weight loss
  • disproportion compared to the rest of the body (hypoplasia)
  • asymmetry between the two breasts (dysplasia)
  • breast atrophy
  • breast deformity due to breastfeeding
  • psychological reasons for boosting self-esteem


The nature of female existence is intertwined with eroticism, motherhood and femininity, concepts that are showcased by the existence of a well-shaped breast. It has been observed that those women who undergo breast augmentation surgery, their personal and social life improves significantly as they exude confidence and certainty.

  • Who is it for?


A woman can undergo the surgery if she has reached the age of 18, so that the development of the breasts is complete. She also needs to be healthy and not be undergoing a pregnancy or breastfeeding. When women are not happy with their breasts and feel oppressed, it affects their psychology, usually causing other psychosomatic problems. Breast augmentation is no longer under social scrutiny and any woman who wants to improve her image can achieve so without it being socially harmful.


  • Implant types


Breast augmentation can be done in three ways, either by utilizing implants or by implanting fat. Most women choose silicone implants that vary in shape and size. Specifically, silicone implants are divided into:

  • contoured: provide more perky breasts
  • anatomical or teardrop: provide a more natural result.

The size of the breast is calculated based on its projection point and is divided into:

  • low visibility
  • medium projection
  • high visibility
  • extremely high visibility

The appropriate type of implant will be selected based on the existing shape of the breast, the anatomical features of the rest of the body, the type of skin and the shape sought to be created.


  • What techniques are used in breast augmentation?

There are several techniques for inserting implants into the breast. The appropriate technique will be selected based on the unique characteristics of each woman’s body. These techniques are:


  • The implant is distributed and applied partly below the pectoralis major muscle and partly below the gland (Dual plane).


  • The insert is applied only below the gland (Subglandular).


  • The insert is applied under the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle (Subfacial).


  • The insert is applied under the pectoralis major muscle (Submuscular).


  • It is not applied with the use of an implant but with the implantation of fat.



  • Breast augmentation with fat implantation

Breast augmentation with fat implantation is combined with liposuction techniques. The fat is extracted from areas that have enough fat and is thoroughly processed to be placed on the breast to increase its size. Thus, the augmentation is done in a natural way and without the addition of implants. However, the change that can be made in the breast with this technique is not large and therefore it is not suitable for thin women whose breast volume is very small.


  • The first visit to the doctor’s office

The first visit reveals the motivations and expectations of each candidate. As this is a cosmetic procedure that directly affects a woman’s femininity and eroticism, her desire to create a specific breast size and shape is taken seriously by the Plastic Surgeon. The Plastic Surgeon will confirm whether the affirmations and expectations of the candidate are realistic and in full alignment with her other unique characteristics. After an alignment of opinions, some measurements are made, and photos are taken for a later comparison and an update on possible complications and the expected results. The procedural matters of the operation are arranged later.


  • Is breast augmentation surgery painful?

Thanks to the usage of state-of-the-art tools, smaller and smaller injury to the underlying tissues that could cause pain to the patient is achieved. Postoperatively, only mild pain is observed which is treated with analgesics

  • What complications may occur?

Breast augmentation is a proven surgical method that promises patient safety and the success of the operation. The most common complications are hematomas and inflammation, and even the capsular formation, which is usually created reactively by the body due to the placement of a foreign body inside.


  • What kind of medical tests will be needed before breast augmentation?

Initially, the medical history is retrieved, and smoking and anticoagulants cessation is encouraged. Then a series of tests are performed such as general blood tests, a blood coagulation test, a biochemistry test, a cardiogram and a chest x-ray. In some cases, a mammography or ultrasound may be requested.

  • How long does breast augmentation surgery last and what kind of anesthesia is required?

The operation lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours unless combined with a simultaneous breast lift. Then the duration can range up to 3 hours. For the protection and safety of the patient, the use of general anesthesia is recommended, whether it is a single breast augmentation or a breast augmentation with simultaneous lift.


  • During the operation

The beginning of the operation is marked by making a small incision. This incision can be made in 3 different areas. Either in the inframammary fold or in the armpit or nipple. In most cases, the incision along the inframammary fold, is preferred, because at that spot good visibility of the breast tissue and muscle is achieved and the subsequent scar is not so obvious. The implants are then incorporated according to the deposition technique already agreed. The sutures are absorbable, otherwise they are removed after 2 weeks.


  • After the operation

Due to the use of general anesthesia for the operation and for preventive reasons, the patient needs to stay overnight in the clinic for a day and leave the next. Upon leaving the clinic, she will already be wearing a supportive elastic bra that she will have to wear for at least 1 month. This bra speeds up the healing rate and protects against various injuries. Postoperatively, there will be, for a few days, edemas (swelling), ecchymoses (bruising), tenderness in the breast area and mild pain. Therefore, appropriate medical instructions and analgesics are provided that will alleviate the symptoms until they completely subside. The scar will be slightly red, but it will also fade at the end of 3 to 6 months.


  • Does breast augmentation affect the diagnosis of breast cancer or cancer?

In modern times, with the development of technology, the diagnosis is more accurate and timelier. Before the operation, a preventive examination is always performed, which includes digital mammography or magnetic mammography and ultrasound. However, even after the insertion of the implants, the detection of inherited or non-inherited diseases can be done immediately.


  • In how many days can one return to their daily activities?

From the first days already, the patient can engage in light work and after 1 or 2 weeks can return to work depending on the nature of the work. For a period of about 2 months, she should avoid strenuous activities that require high physical exercise and agility to reduce the chances of a complication or side effect.


  • Is it recommended to repeat the breast augmentation surgery?

The operation is performed with the perspective that the results are timeless. However, in the event of a new pregnancy or severe fluctuations in body weight resulting in a change in size and shape, as well as in case of capsular contracture or displacement of the implant, it is recommended to re-evaluate the condition and finally to change the existing implants.


  • Results

The result of the augmentation is perfected in a period of 3-6 months and the breasts are firm, perky and in perfect symmetry with the rest of the body. The goal is for the breasts to have a natural size and shape and not to be exaggerated, because the aesthetic result will not be the desired one and will reach the limits of deformity compared to the other anatomical features. Also, for the result to be permanent, the candidate needs to pay attention to her diet and follow a healthy lifestyle without large deviations observed in body weight.

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