What is liposculpture?

            Liposculpture, as a medical and artistic term, is an invasive method complementary to liposuction that refers to the sculpting of the body by transplanting local fat reserves to improve the shape and image of the body. It should be noted that liposculpture does not contribute to weight loss nor does it treat cellulite. It shapes swollen areas in more attractive contours while improving skin quality. To ensure a more harmonious result, it is often combined with liposuction.

Typically, the areas from which excess localized fat is extracted are the following:


  • the abdomen and the abdominal wall
  • the buttocks
  • the thighs
  • inner knees
  • the waist
  • the neck
  • the breasts
  • Who is it for?

Liposculpture is aimed at healthy men and women who have reached the age of thirty and have a normal body weight and localized fat that persists and cannot be removed with special diets and exercise. Applicants should also have good skin elasticity so that the skin tightens after the fat is removed. In some cases of elderly patients, total lipectomy after liposuction is indicated, as the skin has lost its elasticity.


  • What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

As it has been pointed out, liposuction involves the local removal of excess stored fat while liposculpture is related to the processing and transplant of fat cells from the point where the localized was to other areas of the body. Essentially, liposculpture works in tandem with liposuction surgery for a better and more symmetrical result.


  • The first visit to the doctor’s office

The first meeting aims at carefully examining and evaluating the current situation. During it, the expectations of the candidate will be assessed and will be compared with the expected results of the operation. It is prudent to carry out an extra discussion of alternative methods and possible complications. The candidate must have a complete picture of the situation. At the same time, some photos will be taken that will be used in the future, in order to check the improvement rate. Finally, after a consensus is reached, it is possible to set the date and the conditions required for the operation.


  • Is the operation painful?

According to the patients who have undergone the operation, there is a slight discomfort or tightness during the surgery, which is minimized with the special anesthetic solution that is injected. The patient is also given analgesic painkillers capable of reducing postoperative pain.


  • What complications may occur?

During liposculpture it is difficult for complications that significantly affect the result and the health of the patient to be experienced. The most common complications are hematoma, infection of the area, thrombosis of the lower extremity vein after complete immobilization of the patient, slow recovery due to bad habits such as smoking, hypertrophy or atrophy of the scars, accumulation of fluid, temporary insensitivity and micro-asymmetries or abnormalities.

All the above complications can be treated after the doctor is informed in a timely manner and if their medical advice is implemented in full.


  • What kind of medical examinations will be needed before liposculpture?

Before each operation, it is necessary to perform some tests that will ensure the successful outcome of the operation and protect the candidate from any complications. Initially, a review of the medical history is performed, and then general blood tests, an electrocardiogram and a chest x-ray are performed, as well as a hormonal test and an examination by an endocrinologist. At the same time, some preoperative instructions are indicated for people who are smokers or undergo medication.

    • How long does liposculpture last and what kind of anesthesia is required?

    Liposculpture lasts 1-3 hours and depending on the expanse of the areas that need to be treated and the extent of the problem, general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation is performed.


    • During surgery

    Initially the areas of interest are drawn, and the necessary incisions are made at points covered by the natural folds of the body. The incisions are very small and through them enter thin cannulas that will absorb the excess stored fat and will transport it to other areas that show dents and wrinkles. At the same time, the subcutaneous fat that is close to the skin is removed, which is why the outer surface of the skin is tightened and renewed.


    • After surgery

    After the operation, the patient can leave the clinic, if local anesthesia with sedation has been opted for, or they can stay for a day, if they wish. From the very first day, compression bandages will be applied to the affected areas to speed up the recovery period. The edemas and ecchymoses that will appear will gradually subside within 3 weeks. For immediate relief, the Plastic Surgeon will prescribe mild painkillers that will ease any discomfort and reduce pain. Stitches that are not absorbable will be removed after 2 weeks.


    • In how many days can one return to one’s daily activities?

    Depending on the extent of the area being operated on, the patient should adjust the recovery period. If the operation was minor, he can return to his daily activities and workplace after 1 week, if it is an office job. Otherwise their doctor should be consulted about the recovery time required.


    • Results

    The first results of body improvement are already visible after 2 months. The desired areas have slowly begun to take the desired shape and harmonize with the rest of the body. The finalized result occurs in 4-6 months and is permanent if combined with a balanced diet and good physical exercise. Although fat cells are destroyed, the remaining ones can expand and reverse the effect. Therefore, large deviations from normal body weight need to be avoided.

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